Cowle Collective

Conceived by revered urban design firm Cameron Chisholm Nichol, Cowle Collective is a series of 53 apartments, 10 townhouses, and one elegantly restored Federation Home.

Composed in homage to the rich and deeply textured neighbourhood of West Perth, Cowle Collective harmoniously sets a new benchmark for heritage architecture and innovative contemporary design. The meticulously designed residences reflect an outstanding level of craftsmanship whilst fostering sustainability and consideration to the urban fabric of its locale. Located close in proximity to the CBD, Cowle Collective exemplifies the pinnacle of inner-city living.


An expression of contemporary refinement and modern elegance, Cowle Collective’s architecture is inspired by the cultural and historical essence of its enviable location. Embodying a sophisticated yet innovative aesthetic, the building’s recesses allows ample natural light through each of the residences. Prioritising individuality, the interiors are customisable between three colour palettes to truly cultivate a sense of coming home that is distinctly yours.


Boasting panoramic views of the city skyline, here, bask in the essence of West Perth to invigorate the mind, body and soul. Lush greenery caresses the edges of the interminable terrace designed with ample seating to cater to guests and loved ones. Defined by floor-to-ceiling windows, this sun-soaked, open-plan space makes entertaining guests on the expansive terrace a surreal experience.


Bespoke living spaces that perfectly encapsulate your vision.